Makena Grill

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 Impressionist painting of Makena Grill by Debra Huse

Debra Huse - paintings are available through

Lahaina HarborPainting of Makena Grill

 Janet Spreiter Studio and Gallery
478 Front Street
Lahaina, HI 96761

ph: 808-661-1380

                                                                               This is a painting that was done by a very generous customer who was inspired while having lunch at Makena Grill. Mahalo Oliver!

Makena GrillHome behind the Makena Grill

Gregory Carter

 KalisiLarge carved tikis

An assortment of carved titkisMore carved tikis

 Kalisi's Tikis - 808.298.6500

Photo of the band my son Cody is in

Abbey st. John + E.X.P.    my son Cody is on the far right.

 Laurie King-Balubar - recording artist

Laurie King-Balubar is the artist who recorded and performs my jingle.  You can contact her at 808.283.2214  if you would like your own jingle or to purchase her CD.