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Kaya loves the Makena Grill
My son, Cody.
Local boys "Poke some tako"

Gil & Sharon's leis

Rodney & Pam

Get Maui'd at Makena's "Secret Cove"

Special order "Banana Makena" wedding cake

Happy Holidays 2009
Postcard 1
Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Margo, great niece of King Selassi, and Marisa

Tony Hawk and Marisa

Skibo and Marisa

Marisa and Andrew McCarthy

National Geographic Traveler Article

Marisa with Mikey Dread and his band

Marisa with Demien and Jedidiah

Gayle and Marisa

Sonja and Marisa

Kalisi's Twins - $5000 for the pair

Artist who sings my radio jingle

Thank you Laurie for creating and singing my jingle